Bats in my Belfry 

Bats in my Belfry is the second of Dr Preston's trilogy of chiropractic yarns. Just how authentic are they? Well, he candidly admits to stealing a few true stories from colleagues.

Inviting you into the intimacy of his consulting rooms, he allows you to experience for yourself the relationships that tease, challenge and disturb doctors of every ilk.

The book Bats in my Belfry

Now available as an ebook for only $2.99 on your tablet, smartphone or Kindle...

Fresh from a case that threatened his integrity, he finds himself contemplating giving up practice. "The chiropractic shoe is pinching my foot," says he. Helped by the wisdom of his wife, the thrill of his hobbies and the support of patients and friends, particularly his minister, can the burnt-out doctor regain balance again in his skewed life?

Bats in my belfry

Preston tells of the inner pain that many and perhaps most doctors experience, and the joys of seeing patients regaining control of their lives, once governed by disabling pain.

Forget your personal aches and pains as you immerse yourself in these true-life experiences. Expect to be stretched as you discover how Preston badgers his patients into happier and healthier life styles.

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The book Frog in my throat

Frog in my Throat

FROG IN MY THROAT traces Bernard Preston's early days of practice, when he practised as a "ghost," illegally and unregistered, and told to keep a low profile and his big mouth shut.

This is the first of his trilogy of Chiropractic books, written to introduce the world to what Chiropractors actually do. With plenty of spice, these are yarns from the Chiropractic Coalface.

Currently only available in North America and South Africa in paperback format.

Frog in my Throat

The reading public made the transition to ephotos with very little doubt. But ebooks are another whole matter. Whilst ebooks soared initially since they were so cheap, now they are equally, or even more costly than paperbacks, real books have held their own against the new kid on the block.

It's up to you. Would you rather read a book that you find in the highstreet bookshop, or an ebook that you can enjoy immediately with no delivery costs?


The book Stones in my clog

Stones in my Clog traces Bernard Preston's decision to move to the Netherlands for a summer or two. It covers his experiences, practising the art and science of Chiropractic amongst the delightful people of South Limburg. A couple years turn into seven... Chapter One: What have I got myself into?

Stones in my Clog is only available currently ($2.99) as an ebook.


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Physical Therapists providing a Chiropractic adjustment?

Many insurance companies now only pay for physical therapists to provide a chiropractic adjustment; that's in the face of powerful research proving that inclusion of DCs to perform their own technique would save them a good deal of money. One has to conclude that political medicine has gone off on another tack to contain our profession.

It's being successful with some doctors of chiropractic quitting. Others become involved in some dodgy practices, like demanding that patients sign up for a whole year of treatment in advance, in order to stay in business.

In recessionary times, the going is tough when the insurance won't pay.

Is the day approaching for a new Wilk versus the AMA and the insurance companies?

The chiropractic profession has tried hard to stay on the moral high ground; those who stoop to unscrupulous practices need to be exposed and disciplined if we are not to stoop to the low blows that medicine has often resorted to contain and eliminate us.

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