Billing Chiropractic Medical Software is an important though initially painful upgrade for every Chiropractic clinic. More than important, essential.

Whilst it may seem obvious to those who have made the conversion, the fact of the matter is that there are still a great many Chiropractic practices that still have no Chiropractic Soap Note Software, no Chiropractic Practice Management Software and even no Chiropractic Office Software.

Billing Chiropractic Medical Software

Whilst even five years ago this computer screen may have been intimidating to many chiropractors, today no streamlined office should be without some form of Chiropractic Office Software.

Scheduling appointments, billing patients and even the move to paperless SOAP notes becomes so much easier.

But not without pain! Getting all the patient details onto the computer is a mission in itself, and the move to transfer years and years of notes to the computer does not come without effort, a lot of it.

SOAP note. What's that?

Most Chiropractic clinics today probably use the SOAP note format to standardize their clinical records. This is especially true in the multi-doctor practice where the Chiropractic Soap note software is vital to improve communication amongst those caring for the patient; quickly, seamlessly and efficiently.

SOAP is an acronym:

S: SUBJECTIVE: Low back pain radiating to the side of the right foot.

O: OBJECTIVE: EHL weakness. Right L4 fixation...

A: ASSESSMENT: Grade III L4-L5 medial disc protrusion.

P: PLAN: MR, Three days bed rest, no sitting, ice, adjust L: L4 PLS-m, rehab.

Without a doubt, SOAP notes facillitate beter Chiropractic management when used in the patient records for review and quality control.

Two phases

  1. The first and most obvious, non-negotiable phase is the Billing Chiropractic Medical Software. Having the front desk running on a fully computerised Chiropractic office software is simply no longer an option. Ease of scheduling patients, producing a bill acceptable to insurance companies and printing receipts - it goes without saying, this is a must.

  2. The second phase, the Chiropractic Soap note software is more difficult and time consuming. We made the change when we realised that not being able to read a colleague's handwriting, his abbreviations was starting to have a serious negative effect on the patient care.

Benefits of Chiropractic practice management software

Chiropractic secretary

  • The first and most appealing benefit is that, walking into the clinic, the patient is not faced with a harassed secretary, endlessly searching in dusty shelves for missing files and X-rays.

  • Clinics using Chiropractic Office software have a much cleaner appearance. Gone are the endless cupboards under lock and key, sealing confidential patient records and files.

  • With billing Chiropractic medical software all the patient records are available at the touch of a button. The digitally stored X-rays and scans are available in seconds. Gone are the days of calling for the secretary for films, and waiting for interminable minutes whilst the computer opens a CD.

  • The secretary does not have to rely on the patient to find out when the next appointment must be scheduled. Immediately, she knows that she must book the patient in twice a week for the next three weeks, or whatever.

  • The patient automatically receives an email, confirming the day before the next appointment. Missed appointments are drastically reduced. That in itself makes everything worthwhile.

  • Some of the more advanced programs enable the patient to schedule their own appointments on-line, saving secretarial time and cost.

  • Computers today are far more reliable - but, backups still have to be made daily. To lose one's entire record base because of a crashed hard-drive is a disaster not worth contemplating!


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