Bloemfontein, City of Roses

South Africa

The City of Roses, Bloemfontein in South Africa, is the perfect place to further your chiropractic education, and see a leisurely bit of incredible mountain scenery and visit the famed Kruger National Park.

South Africa has a long tradition of Chiropractic. Today they have chiropractic legislation that is the envy of most of the world, two chiropractic colleges and an enthusiastic band of chiropractors, young and old.

Late entries

Hi Reg

Looking forward to congress and taking a much needed break from the office. Some of the guys I've spoken to are not coming because of finances. Things are tight at the moment, but a good break from routine and congress always energizes us and you go back and business picks up! Anyway.

See you soon,

Dear Dr Reg

Just looked at the update on the Congress Speakers - FANTASTIC - I had not planned to come - but what the heck, this looks too good to miss! Thank you for all the trouble you and your team have gone to.

Dear Reg

Is it too late to Register for Congress? My practice is slow at the moment and a few days out of office - actually only two - will stimulate my enthusiasm again. I'll register today if you say its possible.


Hi Dr Engelbrecht

What an amazing program. You guys have excelled yourselves with such an array of top speakers - I'll be there boots and all.

Hi Reg

Can any of our members really not afford to enrich themselves with such an outstanding program? My practice always improves with every congress I attend.



25th – 27th September 2008

Spring in South Africa is a beautiful season. Bloemfontein lies at 5000 feet above sea level, never gets too hot and has zero humidity.

The vegetation in Kruger National Park is short after the long dry winter, so there is no place for the Big Five to hide.



An impressive of list of chiropractors, several medical doctors, an anaethestist and a dentist are lined up to give insights into specific management of various conditions, and cooperation between the medical and chiropractic fraternities.

The temporo-mandibular joint, the anesthetist role in non-surgical low back management, rehabilitation of the low back, the chiropractor in a changing health environment and much more will be discussed.

For more information, click here.

The Big Six!

South Africans no longer speak about the Big Five. They are overshadowed by another, no newcomer really. She should have been included ages ago. Meet Number Six!

Big five

And of course for spouses, there is an interesting program including various possibilities of new hair styling provided in the new South Africa.

Lion with natural hair


No one can visit South Africa without seeing Cape Town, reckoned by travel agents as one of the three most beautiful cities in the world.

Cape town

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