Chiropractic Continuing Education with ChiroSuisse aboard a luxury cruise ship in the Mediterranean.

Chiro Cruise 2008. September 11-16, 2008 Start planning your trip to the Mediterranean now.

It's always a pleasure to be able to enjoy your chiropractic continuing education at the Receiver of Revenue's expense! Take your spouse and enjoy a wonderful 6-day cruise in the Med.

Who are the Speakers?

None other than Dr Robert Francis, Dr Lindsey Rowe, Dr Joyce Miller, Dr Lisa Killinger, Dr Dan Murphy and Dr Gilles Lamarche have been lined up for this luxury cruise.

Chirocruise 2008

What will I see?

First and foremost, of course, top notch chiropractic continuing education.

But Chiros know how to party, hey! So, we will have some fun and, first hand, the opportunity to see Savone, Naples, Malte, Tunis and Ajaccio. Where on Earth ... that's part of the fun! Get your Atlas (not Gray's!) out, get on the web and start planning.

When? September 11-16, 2008.

Four months to get all your travel documents in order, but it takes much less than that to make the decision. Say by the end of May? Don't keep the organisers on the edge of their seats for too long to find out whether they are going to break even, let alone make a few Euros which they are hoping to raise for the next Chiropractic College - Zurich.

How much? A little less than $ 3000 for you and your partner.

THOUGHT: Not a chiro, but would like to join the tour? Contact the organisers. It might be fun watching chiropractors letting their hair down, and meet them informally. Not about your problem naturally!

Know the yarn about the woman who at a cocktail party wanted a chiropractor to 'just give her neck a tweak'?

"I have such a headache, doc!"

"Well, yes, I wouldn't be adverse to doing that, Mrs Jones, but of course I must examine you first. Would you please take your clothes off!"


Recognition of Chiropractic around the world is indisputably allied to local education. And so it is that Spain and Switzerland are this year establishing new colleges.

The diversity, and the rich new thought, can only add to our wonderful profession.

SHALL WE SUPPORT THE SWISS? THE SUISSE? ABSOLUTELY. To find out more about Chiro Cruise 2008

Talking of atlases, did you know that in 2008 we celebrate the 150 years since Henry Gray published his first Atlas. And the 40th edition. Read more about Henry Gray


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