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Welcome to CHIROPRACTIC BOOKS.COM. Here you will find oodles of natural health information. For the Chiropractor and his patients, and for you too even if you are just searching for information and solutions.

It's all about chiropractic and dozens of books but also much, much more.

Chiropractic books

These natural health books you will find are neatly divided into two sections: those that are light and inspirational and others that are educational. Knowledge is power enabling us to make real progress towards better health.

Books light and fun, books educational, anatomy books, medical books, inspirational books and Chiropractic History books, DVDs, posters, here you will find it all.

"A house without books is like a room without windows. No man has a right to bring up his children without surrounding them with books, if he has the means to buy them."

- Horace Mann, 1796 - 1859

What is chiropractic?

Well, that's obviously a very important page! For the moment let’s just say that chiropractic is a health science that is complementary to medicine. Not complimentary! That’s something quite different. What is Chiropractic ?

Dutch bookworm

So, if you are a bookworm and have come to the site seeking better health naturally, and lots of health information about chiropractic, then enjoy the ride. At you've come to the right place. Plenty of good reads, some easy and fun, and some really heavy stuff for the bofs, with plenty for the likes of you and me in between.

"Some books are to be tasted, others swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested."

- Francis Bacon, 1561 - 1626

And a good few to be spat out with disdain?


Better health is sometimes purely about some insight gleaned from here or there. It takes no great achievement, or inspiration, for a man to eat a tomato a day.

and thus halve his chance of getting prostate cancer. All it takes is a little knowledge, and knowledge is power.

But better health is often only achieved after a momentous struggle against all odds. Reading books of people who have struggled, and won, is indeed inspirational.

Others are books that inspire us by hook or by crook to take the momentous step, perhaps to lose thirty kilograms, or stop smoking, or to take on a the challenge of getting on top of a nasty back through chiropractic and exercise (or, other).

At inspirational books you will find all sorts to keep you inspired in your search for answers. For more, click here: INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS ...

We are looking for titles of books, health related books, that have inspired you. If you have found a particular book has encouraged you to make a great step, please send us the title, author, ISBN number, and a couple of paragraphs of how it inspired you.


"It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot, irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known, but to question it."

- Jacob Bronowski, 1908 - 1974

Some chiropractors, through sheer diligence, have gone the extra mile and become experts in their field, and then sought to pass it on through their books. Mostly, educational books are no great revenue generator, these special people do it for the love of passing secrets gleaned the hard way on to others.

At Educational Books you will find some examples. We are adding all the time. If you have found Chiropractic books (or Medical books) that have been helpful, please let us know.

For more about Educational Books, click here: EDUCATIONAL BOOKS ...


Obviously, we have one unified body that has its own integrity, only Medicine and Chiropractic perceive it from different standpoints. Chiropractors use a great many excellent Medical Books as references. In making the differential diagnosis of a patient with chest pain, the chiropractor needs to know about "medical" conditions such as pleurisy and heart disease that can and do cause chest pain. Not every case of chest pain is a rib condition or Tietzes syndrome!

Interesting, a visit to a local radiologist revealed that he had two Chiropractic Radiological books on his shelves. It cuts both ways.



Chiropractors make extensive use of anatomy books, perhaps the best known of which is Grays Anatomy, but there are these days many others. For sheer genius, way ahead of his time when dissecting cadavers was severely sanctioned, Henry Grays anatomy tour remains a work of sheer magic.



The history of Chiropractic goes back little more than a century, but in fact Hippocrates and Galen and even long before that, were using and advocating manipulation of the spine to promote human health. More about our Chiropractic history books: CHIROPRACTIC HISTORY BOOKS ...

Chiropractic Continuing Education

At Chiropractic Books you will find continuing education for chiropractors and chiropractic students. The Chiropractic profession is rapidly specialising in many different fields. Sports, children, radiology, neurology ... for more about courses and seminars, click here: CHIROPRACTIC CONTINUING EDUCATION ...

Six Golden Rules for Chiropractors.

Medical patients complain that their doctors often do not really understand the underlying reasons why they are being consulted.Could this apply to doctors of Chiropractic too? We think so. Read more… SIX GOLDEN RULES FOR CHIROPRACTORS ...


Physical Therapists providing a Chiropractic adjustment?

Many insurance companies now only pay for physical therapists to provide a chiropractic adjustment; that's in the face of powerful research proving that inclusion of DCs to perform their own technique would save them a good deal of money. One has to conclude that political medicine has gone off on another tack to contain our profession.

It's being successful with some doctors of chiropractic quitting. Others become involved in some dodgy practices, like demanding that patients sign up for a whole year of treatment in advance, in order to stay in business.

In recessionary times, the going is tough when the insurance won't pay.

Is the day approaching for a new Wilk versus the AMA and the insurance companies?

The chiropractic profession has tried hard to stay on the moral high ground; those who stoop to unscrupulous practices need to be exposed and disciplined if we are not to stoop to the low blows that medicine has often resorted to contain and eliminate us.

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