ALGHERO, SARDINIA (that's Italy!)

CHIROPRACTIC CONFERENCE VITAL SCIENCE, just reward for the Association of Italian Chiropractors, the lastest Chiropractic association to be recognised by their government. Well done, AIC! You can rightly be proud of yourselves, and so are we.

Europe is recognising the contribution that Chiropractic has to make to the health of its citizens, as country after country is now giving recognition to its Chiropractors. With the support the EU parliament in Brussels is now giving to our profession, recalcitrant governments are now beginning to feel the heat!

Two new colleges too. Spain and Switzerland.



21-23 May, 2009

Sardinia. Where's that?

Sardinia on map


The city's medieval citadel is packed with boutiques, pubs and restaurants, spilling out onto narrow cobbled streets and little piazzas, sloping towards the harbour with its sweeping bay.




Chiropractic research is now beginning to have a significant impact on the way Chiropractors work as they realise there is solid evidence-based research promoting their work. Not surprisingly then, the new "philosophy" of chiropractic is "a vital science", an admirable mix of vital and science.

The opening session is planned around the subject of "Why care about Chiropractic research?"

The line-up of speakers and topics is impressive. The TMJ and the shoulder will gain attention at the congress, as will the professions new emphasis on neurology.

Paediatrics, Sports Chiropractic, AK, Activator and much, much more.

Delegates are invited to bring only a swim suit, appetite and an open mind!

Don't miss it.

PS. This year latecomers were turned away! There was simply no more room. Watch for the early bird special discount.

The Shoulder.

The shoulder is a major topic during this conference with pathomechanics, radiology, ultrasound imaging, and myofascial work being uppermost.

The Swimmer's shoulder by Andrea Cecchi DC, ICSSD

Balance, Posture and Cerebello-Vestibular influence

Few things have enhanced my own growth as a chiropractor, than the incorporation of Vestibular function into my practice. The dizzy patient. What is Kim Lauvring's (DC, DACNB) contribution going to be?

Isn't it fantastic that we no longer have to rely on 'medical' experts to inform us chiropractors. Often now it seems that 'chiropractic' experts are just as good, and often their input is even better. Far better.

The lumbar disc and sciatica

Whilst it's fascinating to discover new tools for our armementarium about the TMJ, the shoulder and vertigo, every chiropractor knows that the low back makes up probably 50% of his day. Thus the emphasis at this congress by experts such as Drs Koekkoek, Shafer, Cecchi and others remains very welcome.

The Crying Infant

For years I frankly didn't believe the chiropractic research that revealed that Chiropractic has a major contribution to make to Infantile Colic. Finally, forced into managing the crying infant, no really knowing what I was doing, but applying general chiropractic principles, I have been astonished by the results.

I personally am going to be in Sardinia just to hear what experts Joyce Miller, Maria Browning, Sue Hellstenius and Lise Hesbaek have to say. All are chiropractors, all have letters like PhD, FCC attached to their names.

TMJ and Jawlash

Facial pain, migraine, neck pain Trigeminal Neuralgia. What a gem is has been for me personally to discover that our profession has so much to offer to the TMJ patient.

Since my realisation that the sensory nucleus of the Trigeminal nerve lies in the neck, and is continuous with the Posterior Column which receives input directly from the cervical spine, the management of the TMJ has intrigued me.

We look forward to the contributions of Piet Seru, Michelle Wessely and Joseph Shafer, all chiropractors.

Much, much more

This is a congress not to be missed. Ski ergonomics, A Chiropractic Journey through neurology, A visit to a Horse Farm ... something for every chiropractor.

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