Clinical neuroanatomy made ridiculously simple

Stephen Goldberg, MD

Clinical neuroanatomy made ridiculously simple is all about putting the most intricate and complex subject in simple and understandable terms.

Any book that has been reprinted three or four times is worth at least a second look. This gem has been reprinted THIRTY times. Nuff said!

In the introduction, Dr Carmichael MD states: "Written to to ease the students' journey through a medical education - which it surely does - it will prove EVEN MORE USEFUL to the family doctor."

That would be just as true for the family chiropractor. Most of us remember that a Chiropractic education was not so much intellectually challenging, as the assimilation of a vast number of facts. When it came to neuroanatomy, however, it is a completely different story. If it was so, twenty - thirty years ago, this little refresher will enable the modern chiropractor to spot the neurological conditions that walk every day into our practices.

This little 100 page book focuses directly on the clinically pertinent aspects of basic neuroanatomy, having eliminated those aspects which have little clinical bearing on the case, and emphasising those aspects vital to patient care.

Interestingly the brain stem is presented as a modified spinal cord, simplifying many of its mystifying aspects.

This is a highly readable anatomy text


  1. General organisation

  2. Blood supply, Meninges and Spinal Fluid

  3. Spinal Cord

  4. Brain Stem

  5. Visual system

  6. Autonomic system and Hypothalamus

  7. Cerebellum, Basal Ganglia, Thalamus

  8. Cerebral cortex

  9. Clinical review

  10. Miniatlas

  11. Glossary

  12. Index

Included is a very useful CD called Neurologic Localisation

What is refreshing is the use of jest, tasteful humour and insightful anecdotes and stories. From CLINICAL NEUROANATOMY made ridiculously simple to SPINAL CORD ...