CLINICBUDDY BILLING Chiropractic Medical Software

Complete software for your clinic

CLINICBUDDY billing Chiropractic Medical Software is a fully integrated solution for your clinic's needs. From online booking, to reception, to the treatment room, to the accountant's office ... Clinicbuddy makes a paper-free workplace a reality.

Online booking system

Whilst few practices are likely to go secretary-free along with paper-free, this option makes a lot of sense. Patients can easily, seamlessly, choose appointments that fit in with their own schedules. Just as an email today often makes more sense than a phone-call, an online booking system has many advantages. Your patients won't reach a secretary trying to cope with ten phone calls at the same moment - instead you patients can make instant contact with CLINICBUDDY Software that can cope with 100 patients simultaneously. The result: happy patients. No irritating delays for busy people.

You know yourself what it's like to be put on hold...

Assessment tools

Clinicbuddy offers a wide variety of assessment tools such as 3-d Postural Analysis, dynamic and static Posturography, Thermography, Blind Spot mapping and Head Repositioning (whatever that is!). CLINICBUDDY software saves time for both you and your patients, and increases your effectiveness.

Exercise database

The CLINICBUDDY Chiropractic Medical Software package has an extensive exercise database. Just click, drag and print! Rehab is a vital part of the modern chiropractic practice but it takes time and energy. This Chiropractic software package simply makes your life simpler, and increases your efficiency.


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  • Maignes Syndrome Exercises.

  • Neck pain and HEADACHE.

  • Julls test and neck pain exercises.

  • Chiropractic Tips: basic low back exercises.

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