Davidson's principles and practice

Davidson's principles and practice obtained the book award of the year for 2007 from the Royal Society of Medicine.

Described as "beautifully constructed with superb clarity of style - Davidson's continues to provide for students, doctors and other health professionals a sound basis for the practice of medicine."

Davidson's is chiropractor Dr Norman Marzalek's choice for the most useful medical text on his shelf.

This internationally famous and best-selling textbook of general medicine is renowned for providing a rational and easily understood basis for the practice of clinical health care.

Medical texts of yesterday were often unpalatable and user unfriendly, but Davidson's is refreshingly lavish with a colorfully decorated visual text. Extensive tables, crib boxes, MRI and x-ray accompany each chapter.

The book's clear organization and color-coded chapters make it simple to find just the information you want, just when you need it.

The book principles and practice of medicine by the author Sir Stanley Davidson.

Now in it's 21st edition for about 33 pounds sterling at Amazon.


Part 1 - Principles of medicine

  1. Good medical practice

  2. Good prescribing

  3. Molecular mechanisms of disease

  4. Immunological factors in disease

  5. Environmental and nutritional factors in disease

  6. Principles of infectious disease

  7. Ageing and disease

Part 2 - Practice of medicine

  1. Critical care and emergency medicine

  2. Poisoning

  3. Medical psychiatry

  4. Oncology

  5. Palliative care and pain management

  6. Infectious diseases

  7. Human immunodeficiency virus infection and the human acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

  8. Sexually transmitted infections

  9. Clinical biochemistry and metabolism

  10. Kidney and urinary tract disease

  11. Cardiovascular disease

  12. Respiratory disease

  13. Endocrine disease

  14. Diabetes mellitus

  15. Alimentary tract and pancreatic disease

  16. Liver and biliary tract disease

  17. Blood disorders

  18. Musculoskeletal disorders

  19. Neurological disease

  20. Skin disease

The book has an excellent Appendix.



Developmental hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia

Orthopaedics and chiropractic have together a very important role to play in the detection and management of developmental hip dysplasia.The topic is well covered by Davidson's principles and practice of medicine.

The condition, owing to nerves and muscles of the hip region emerging from the upper lumbar spine, often may cause severe groin and upper lumbar pain that is best managed with chiropractic. 

Severe cases of DDH will be discovered at birth by paediatricians using the classic hip dysplasia tests of Ortholani, Galeazzi and Barlow. Development of a proper deep socket after birth is forced using the Pavlik harness.

However, mild case slip through undetected. Improperly managed they lead inexorably, and unnecessarily, to hip arthritis.

All in all, DDH is best managed by a good working relationship between Chiropractors and Orthopaedists.