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  • Education for the doctor
  • The DVD has become become a very useful tool for the doctor of chiropractic.

    With the extreme time pressure that I am experiencing, and I expect you too, home education has become a must for me.

    Congresses for Continuing Education are important for meeting with colleagues and friends, but for sheer learning of a new technique, new rehab ideas, or how to give a decent Report of Findings in the comfort of your home this takes a lot of beating.

    At a recent congress I was very impressed with the material that Dr Neil Osborn, DC was presenting, but it was too much in too short a time. Oh for his presentation on film!

    Whether you want to pick up a few tips about rehab for a pregnant woman with low back pain, or learn Thompson Terminal Point Technique from Dr. Rob Jackson who travelled the world teaching with Dr. Clay Thompson for 17 years, these tools from BACKtalk Systems are real gems.

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  • Patient Education
  • There is plenty of research that shows that a doctor's "bedside manner", basically how well s/he presents himself and the patient's condition to the patient is absolutely vital in today's world. Patients are far more knowledgeable and shrewder about how they spend their $$$s today. And there are probably three other chiropractors on the street.

    How good are you at patient education, doctor? Are you the doctor, doctor?


    The Chiropractor who is not afraid to give presentations to schools, clubs, churches on various topics is the one who is going to reach out to the bigger pool of patients. It's of concern that even today less than 10% of the population consult chiropractors. Who is going to reach out to that 90% who still have no idea of the benefits of Chiropractic?

    But you do need tools. Gone are the days of the pinched hosepipe and the light bulb. This new DVD from Honor Communications on "Good sugars, Bad sugars" is absolutely tailor-made for entry into high school... relating the effect of a high sugar diet on the nervous system, and its impact at the spinal level, it's perfect for the Chiropractor looking to expand his or her practice. Cost? A measly $21! Ten minutes work in the clinic, and you can use it in your waiting room for your patients. 151 very interesting slides.

    This 3-in-1 Patient Education tool from Chiroconceptions will help any and everyone of us polish up on our skills in giving a report of findings. Two patient visits is all it costs. A bargain! ShopChiroConceptions ...


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