The state institute for Health and the Environment RIVM announced that three healthy babies in the Netherlands had died within 11 days of a pneumoccus vaccination. The vaccine Provenar was immediately withdrawn. But what is bizarre was the opinion of spokesman Wychgel.

"But you just cannot in any way state or believe that the death of those babies was due to the vaccinations."

METRONEWS, 6 November 2009

"Show us the Science and Give us a Choice."

  • WHERE? Hyall Regency Hotel, Reston, Virginia, USA
  • WHEN? October 2-4, 2009
  • The dangerous vaccines conference is designed to

    1. Empower both chiropractors and the general public with reliable vaccine information.

    2. Learn about holistic health care alternatives for staying well.

    3. Celebrate and protect your right to make vaccine choices.

    4. Get the facts about diseases and vaccines from experts you can trust.

    5. Go to Capitol Hill to talk to the men & women you elected.

    Our perspective @ Chiropractic Books

    Vaccination is a subject that continues to bedevil health care. Whilst the enormous benefits to the majority cannot be denied, just witness the eradication of Small Pox and the control of diseases like Polio and Rabies, yet there remains enough disquiet to invite questions about mass vaccinations.

    Do vaccinations cause autism, or is that just a myth, and it's really an aberrant gene like Trisomy 21?

    Should the elderly, and those with heart conditions routinely have flu injections every year?

    Could an HIV vaccine save the lives of millions. A vaccination against Malaria? And what would the side effects be for the majority?

    Personally, the worst case of Shingles I have ever seen erupted soon after a vaccination, and over the years I have routinely seen patients far more ill from the flu injection than they ever would be if they got influenza.

    But what about the new Swine flu vaccine? Should the whole nation be vaccinated? What are the side effects, and how common are they? With increasingly larger numbers of young people, particularly young pregnant women succumbing to the Swine flu, what should our advice as Chiropractors be?

    Or is it really like the dangers attributed to the Chiropractic adjustment - so rare, but certainly serious when they occur, that any suggestion of outlawing the Chiropractic cervical adjustment is patently absurd. Should we accept the occasional side effects of vaccinations because of the enormous benefit to the majority?

    Come to to the dangerous vaccines conference this October, and help shape your opinion.

    Update here on what transpired at thedangerous vaccines conference in October 2009.


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