FICS seminar in Zermatt

Sports Chiropractic

The FICS seminar in Zermatt, Switzerland, promises to be another in without a doubt the most useful series of seminars I have ever attended. For sheer Monday morning usefulness, the FICS seminars fill a gap that for many chiropractors is disturbingly large.

Can you confidently manage a sprained ankle, a frozen shoulder and Patello Femoral Pain Syndrome? Conditions that could fill those gaps in the appointment book, if we knew how to treat them.

Where? Zermatt, Switzerland

Recommended accomodation: Hotel Sonne

When? January 23-30, 2010.

Radiology, Ultrasound diagnostic (practical)


  1. Sports Sciences

  2. Medical emergency

  3. Skiing experience

(34 CE credits)


  • Dr. Lindsay ROWE

  • Dr. Patrick SCHOETTKER

  • M. Patrick FLACTION

    Book here for Zermatt 2010 ...

    Have some fun!

    You and your partner can enjoy two afternoons of ski instruction on some of the best slopes in the Swiss Alps whilst profiting from the FICS seminar in Zermatt.

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