Free online Chiropractic Courses

Strictly for Chiropractors

Free online Chiropractic courses are for chiropractors wanting to share with, and to learn from their colleagues.

Chiropractors who have something to share that they think colleagues may find interesting, are invited to submit short courses - that can readily be fitted into about 5 emails - to CONTACT.

These courses are free. There are no financial rewards for those who write them, nor costs for those who take them.

Whenever I watch another chiropractor at work, I realise that our greatest resource is other working doctors in the field. There are some very astute people out there, and sadly they often take the hard-learned secrets to the grave with them.

Interested in some pnf exercises for the TMJ pnf exercises for the TMJ, or a few thoughts on when to adjust the sacrum, and when the ilium. I learned a new technique for the shoulder whilst watching a colleague work at a recent tennis tournament, at another how to treat the subtalar joint. Do you have anything to share?

Imagine if we all were to pool the small things that we learn, how collectively we could turn it into something gigantic.

Of course, many have spent years of their lives producing fine text-books, which in terms of financial return for time spent, I suspect most would admit that it was a dead loss. However, we are indebted to such individuals and should support them. For example, Basic Clinical Anatomy of the Spine, Spinal cord and ANS by chiropractors Dr Cramer en Darby. Or, Louis Sportelli's Introduction to Chiropractic.

Skeleton working at a computer.

Do you have something to share?

Write up a proposal and submit it to Chiropractic Books. Nothing is too small or insignificant that your colleagues can't learn from. Perhaps something on heel lifts, or insights into the frozen shoulder ...bedwetting?

Our first two courses have been written by chiropractor Bernard Preston on the management of Vertigo. The first course is called Testing for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and the second Treat BPPV.

Watch this space! Your source of ideas, small and big.