Frog in my Throat

by Dr Bernard Preston, DC

Keywords; frog in my throat, inspiring books, Bernard Preston.

This is the first of three humorous, yet serious books, about a chiropractor's life. Son of two DCs, his daughter too, Dr Preston is eminently positioned to tell it from the inside.

Frog in my Throat opens with a confrontation with a gynaecologist to whom Dr Preston refers an older patient when he discovers a long lost IUD on an Xray of her pelvis; could it be causing her back pain? asks he. The medic replied that it would be unethical to accept a referral from a chiropractor, raising all the hackles on Preston's hairback.

Whilst Frog in my Throat is essentially a light book, as you can guess from the title, Preston takes us through the trials and tribulations of a young chiropractor in practice; he has not, and cannot get a licence to practise, but the pitfalls are probably not that different to those faced by any new doctor in any country.

The book is laced with stories of Preston's life outside the practice too; but always related to his profession. Amusing, tragic stories about his passion for gliding, beekeeping and his other hobbies.

What makes it real is the picture painted in words from the other side of the desk. Patients love his books, realising perhaps for the first time that doctors are just ordinary people with all the same goals as the rest of society. Dressed in white coats, are some doctors just highwaymen dressed in a different garb? asks Preston. They too get sick, and can also suffer from depression, or break an ankle, just like the rest of us.

Bernard Preston D.C.

This chiro', he wrote about frogs,

Then changed his allegiance to clogs,
But really quite batty,
He always looks tatty,
And now can only write blogs!

- Blythe Harrison, Preston's aunt

The book frog in my throat by Bernard Preston.

Frog in my Throat

The book ends with an intriguing story in which Preston decides to give up practice. The chiropractic shoe is pinching my foot, says he. His second book, Bats in my Belfry, tells how his bruised spirit is revived, and how he continues for many more years in practice, matured and wiser.

In Bats in my Belfry we find a different Preston. Now in midlife, with an established practice, the question remains whether he desires to invite other doctors to join him, with obvious benefits, or whether to remain a one man band.

Both have their advantages, and a down side. Eventually, having nearly succumbed to a burnout from taking too little leave, he opts to invite various colleagues to join him. All work and no play is making Bernie a dull boy he realises.

However, multidoctor practices also come with their tribulations, and it's not always harmonious over lunch.

"Each time we re-read a book we get more out of it because we put more into it; a different person is reading it, and therefore it is a different book."

- Muriel Clark

Stones in my Clog

The book Stones in my clog.

Preston is invited to join a practice in the deep south of Holland. Three years turns into seven... discovering a deep love for the Dutch people and their culture, he has first an Alps to cross. The Dutch language, reputed to be the third most difficult in the world.

Exposed for the first time to the larger world of chiropractic, he discovers the basic Chiropractic principles learnt so long ago from Joseph Janse (who also had deep Dutch roots), apply equally to the extremities. And the TMJ. A gum-chewing nation, many of the Dutch suffer from severe facial pain and migraine headaches originating in the TMJ anatomy ...

  • Stones in my Clog is available only as an ebook, and will soon be on Kindle... are we about to witness the end of half a millenium of books printed by a printing press paper? Perhaps so.

Starting out

Frog in my Throat is my own personal walk, my own struggle to become a competent, caring clinician. Here a few thoughts for a Starting Out Chiropractor ...

Inspiring books

There are many inspirational books written by chiropractors for chiropractors, but there are precious few written for the general public wanting to know more about chiropractic, and what makes chiropractors tick.

Whilst you almost certainly won't agree with everything - he likes to pick on the absurd and weird situations that arise - this are books that your will certainly read to the end. Some situations may arouse your ire, but that's okay.

Bernard Preston

From babyhood Preston's life is steeped in the philosophy and practice of a chiropractic family. He has been through the controversies of vaccinations - and very nearly died from not being vaccinated against diphtheria; eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise and stimulation of the mind and spirit is all part and parcel of a wholistic doctor's life and practice. It all comes out in his books.

Currently, his most pressing health problem is vexatious wart!

Both his parents practised to the ends of their lives, sadly both cut short by cigarette smoking. He is vehemently anti, and plans to go on in practice into ripe old age. If his glider doesn't take a spin.


Physical Therapists providing a Chiropractic adjustment?

Many insurance companies now only pay for physical therapists to provide a chiropractic adjustment; that's in the face of powerful research proving that inclusion of DCs to perform their own technique would save them a good deal of money. One has to conclude that political medicine has gone off on another tack to contain our profession.

It's being successful with some doctors of chiropractic quitting. Others become involved in some dodgy practices, like demanding that patients sign up for a whole year of treatment in advance, in order to stay in business.

In recessionary times, the going is tough when the insurance won't pay.

Is the day approaching for a new Wilk versus the AMA and the insurance companies?

The chiropractic profession has tried hard to stay on the moral high ground; those who stoop to unscrupulous practices need to be exposed and disciplined if we are not to stoop to the low blows that medicine has often resorted to contain and eliminate us.

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