Functional Neurology Beck

for practitioners of manual therapy

Randy W. Beck, D.C., PhD.

Functional neurology by Beck is at the forefront of a new direction in chiropractic, with a shift away from orthopaedics.

Written by a Carrick Institute instructor, Functional Neurology complements any chiropractic neurology course nicely.

This is the book that Dr Nicole Oliver D.C. reaches for most often in her clinic. Says she, "It's a bit sad I know, and heavy going, but neurology is just the subject that interests me most as a chiropractor."

Dr Oliver's comment raises an interesting point. Should we as Chiropractors be apologetic for our interest in Neurology. Or, is Chiropractic really more about Neurology than it is about Osteology?

Where should this book be filed? Under Medical? Or under Chiropractic? I'm going to pass, and put it under both.

The title of Dr Beck, D.C.'s text will of course enrage the purists in our profession. Is Dr Beck a Chiropractor, or a Manual Therapist? Or, is he simply being pragmatic and trying to reach a wider audience?

Not having read the book (yet), if I may put my oar in. Sharing knowledge with other professions is obviously absolutely above board, but teaching other professions our Chiropractic techniques is distinctly below the belt. But that's only my opinion.

Functional Neurology Practitioners' Manual Therapy gets a strong recommendation from Dr Oliver, and Professor Carrick too.

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Tietze's syndrome

Tietze's syndrome, like all conditions can cause mild and very serious chronic costosternal pain. In it's full blown form a palpable lump may form over the joint.

Tietze's syndrome also affects the sternoclavicular joint and hence may disturb the brachial plexus causing paresthesias in the arm.

Orthopaedics, neurology and biomechanics, chiropractic is today a broad profession in the healthcare spectrum. Costo-sternal pain is very common condition at the coalface.

Trauma to the chest, even a bad dose of bronchitis, or shower of sneezes, not only affects the costospinal joints, but via the intercostal nerve is mediated along the whole length of the rib to the sternum.


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