"Patients don't want to be at your rooms, Doctor."

GOLDEN CHIROPRACTIC RULE 1 invites responses from Chiropractors, and Chiropractic patients. The more the merrier.

For the Medical doctor

Dr Lamberts, MD:

" It may seem odd to patients, but most doctors forget that going to the doctor is generally unnerving. Being in a doctor’s rooms is normal to doctors but not so with most patients.

The spotlight is on them and their health. They stand on the scale, undress, tell intimate things about their lives, confess errors, are poked, prodded, shot with needles, lectured at, and then billed for the whole thing.

There is always an underlying fear and self – consciousness that pervades when a person is sitting on the exam table.

The best thing to do in response to that is to show compassion."

For the Chiropractic doctor


  1. " Could it be that Chiropractors may have forgotten that a consultation with a Chiropractor (certainly for the new patient) is unnerving?

    They have been warned by their doctor that it could be dangerous. A chiropractic manipulation could break a bone, cause a hernia or worst of all a stroke.

    They will be asked to reveal some very personal things about their lives, confess to stupid things they may have done and generally open a can of worms that they 'hoped would just go away', but it didn't.

    They will have to undress and be stared at, like a poodle at a doggy show. Evaluated. Assessed. And it's all done with a critical eye. Perhaps a lecherous eye.

    Examination of their painful condition (if they have pain, and most do) may actually provoke the pain, asking them to move in the way they very least want to. They will be touched, sometimes in intimate areas, and it will often be painful and probing.

    There may be an underlying fear of being under the spotlight, and at the centre of attention. For the self-conscious person, the very last place they want to be.

    And then there is the certainty that they will be lectured to for any one of a host of failings. Too fat, not fit enough, smoking ...

    And then that unnerving fear that s/he is going to crack a joint that is most painful. Will it hurt, is it dangerous?

    By understanding, can we be compassionate and discrete, and caring? "

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From a Chiropractic patient's perspective


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