"They have a reason to be at your rooms."

GOLDEN CHIROPRACTIC RULE 2 invites responses from Chiropractors, and Chiropractic patients to this blog. Names will not be mentioned (unless you would like it to be).

For the Medical doctor

Dr Lamberts: They don’t come to your rooms to waste the doctor’s time. "Yes, early in my training I was incredulous at the reasons some of the patients were coming to see the doctor. Why come in for a headache? Why come in for a cold?"

"It took me being in my own practice to realise that there is (almost) always an underlying reason for a patient to come in.

When a person comes into my office with enlarged lymph nodes, for example, the real reason they are coming in is that they are afraid it is cancer. If a person has chest pains, they are afraid it is their heart.

On every visit I try to identify the real reason (or the real fear) that brings them to see me. I don’t end the visit until I have addressed that reason."

GOLDEN CHIROPRACTIC RULE 2 From a Chiropractic patient's perspective


Would you submit what you would like your Chiropractor to know concerning Golden Rule 2? It would be good to have at least three or four responses.


Hello, I'm looking for confirmation. Four years ago I twisted my back on a garden chair and developed awful hip pain. I've been to umpteen doctors, had 3 hip joint injections, but still been in severe pain. I was told that I had hip arthritis and I've had a multitude of MRI scans etc etc

In desperation I went to a local chiropractor who diagnosed a twisted pelvis and treated that at the first visit. He says I will need a few more visits to get me more mobile.....

My main question is why did the ortho surgeon, spinal surgeon and multitude of doctors not pick this up?

I would love an answer to this ......please,


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GOLDEN CHIROPRACTIC RULE 2 From the doctor of Chiropractic.

Dear Dr Chiropractor,

Please submit your take on Golden Rule 2, written from a Chiropractic perspective.

A chiropractor's response to S

S has raised a heap of interesting questions, so where do we start?

Sceptic 1. S's chiropractor has diagnosed a "twisted pelvis", but s/he hasn't yet fixed it. At this stage S is no further forward than the ortho surgeon who diagnosed hip arthritis, the spinal surgeon... the proof of the pudding is after all in the eating.

Sceptic 2. Unless S's chiropractor has golden hands, for a problem she's had for four years, no matter what the correct diagnosis is, it's going to take rather more than a "few more visits" in my opinion. At the very least several sessions of rehabilitation, faithfully done by her EVERY DAY, and an occasional regular maintenance treatment. Her condition is very definitely after four years correctly labelled chronic. Which means almost invariably 'no quick fix'. Perhaps I'll be proved wrong!

Incidental findings: Frequently in the examination of the patient, I come up with an abnormal finding, but it has nothing to do with the patient's pain. It's incidental, and often irrelevant; a red herring. Until the surgeon, doctor, chiropractor... has correctly found the source of her pain, the chances of him or her fixing S's problem are close to zero. And that's where she's been stuck all these years. I do hope her chiropractor is going to be the exception that proves the rule: nothing short of the thorough and conscientious doctor is going to figure out S's problem. Figure it out, AND FIX IT.

The term "hip joint" is notoriously vague. It can mean the sacro-iliac joint. It can mean the hip joint, where the leg joins the pelvis. It can mean buttock pain. It can mean groin pain. It can mean referred pain from a high lumbar joint (Maigne's syndrome), a trochanteric bursitis (on the side of the hip), a piriformis syndrome... I could go on and on. I of course have no idea what S's problem is, any more than all the medics she has been consulting these four years, and I do hope Dr Golden Hands has found the source of her pain and can fix it.

A hint to S: Be patient. This probably isn't going to go away in two weeks. Give your chiropractor a chance. Ask for exercises. Ask about a short leg. Be sensible and careful: this isn't the time to start the spring cleaning.

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