"Patients feel what they feel, Doctor. And, yes, they're not a little frightened."

GOLDEN CHIROPRACTIC RULE 3 invites responses from Chiropractors, and Chiropractic patients.

For the Medical doctor

Dr Lamberts:

" Patients will often tell doctors their symptoms in a very apologetic tone. They seem to think that they have to come to the doctor with the “right” set of symptoms and not having those symptoms is their fault.

Sometimes those symptoms make no sense to me at all, and I am tempted to dismiss or ignore them. But as a doctor, you have to trust your patient. Yes, some may exaggerate what they feel out of anxiety or out of fear that you won’t hear them for lesser symptoms, but then your job is to uncover the anxiety, not ignore the complaint.

I have heard from many patients that their doctor “did not believe” their complaints because they did not make sense.

If you don’t trust them, why should they trust you, Doctor? "

For the Chiropractic doctor

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"My patients don't seem to be unduly anxious about telling me about their pain. Uusually it's very real and they can describe it in lucid and graphic terms. They seem to know that most chiropractors are good listeners.

Where they are less forthcoming is what caused the pain. How their husband flung them against the wall. Or they weren't wearing a seatbelt. Or they tried lifting the grand piano.

I recognise and understand their underlying fears about chiropractic treatment, though it's not usually expressed up front. What I have difficulty with is that they have no fear of taking a drug with common and frequent well described serious side effects; not many missed ex-president Bush's wife's tale of woe recently; but they are terrified of having a stroke, even though it only occurs once in 6 million neck adjustments."

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From a Chiropractic patient's perspective



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  1. "On the whole i'm never too worried about telling what is wrong with me or being manipulated. The only manipulation that ALWAYS worries me a lot is the neck, the crack when it happens, the moment my chiropractor makes the quick movement, that's so scary and it remains scary for me!! (maybe because of stories where people ended with a broken neck or handicapped (indianenverhalen??) (Indian stories - Dutch expression)

    And the other thing i'm always a bit worried about is the fact that one should not have too many manipulations in a short time, because they told me that is working against it. You must let the body rest again, if you go too often there is a chance the bones go back into the old position quicker. Is there any truth in that?

    Well, those were my concerns regarding the chiropractor. I see my Chiropractor regularly, maybe once per 3 months, and I go to the gym 2 of 3 times a week and try to keep my neck in the right position!!"

    T, The Hague.

  2. I saw a chiropractor over the summer in June of 2009. I had pain in my neck and in my mid back. He adjustments over the course of several weeks, some with heavy force. After some of my appointments I noticed pain in my sternum, something I'd never felt before. He said it might just be muscle related. I stopped seeing him as I felt he was a lousy listener and kind of arrogant. It is now January and I still have the pain in my sternum. Should I see a chiropractor? And if so, what should I look for so as to avoid further injury?"

    S, New Haven.

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