"The visit is about them, Doctor."

GOLDEN CHIROPRACTIC RULE 6 invites responses from Chiropractors, and Chiropractic patients to this blog.

For the Medical doctor

Dr Lamberts:

"With all of the stresses in a doctor’s rooms, doctors do get tempted to complain about things themselves. Who better to complain to than someone who feels much the same way?

But patients are paying for you to take care of their problems, not the reverse.

Doctors should try to keep their personal gripes or frustrations to themselves as much as possible."

For the Chiropractic doctor

Dear Dr Chiropractor,

If you would like to put your oar in, submit your take on Golden Chiropractic rule six.

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From a Chiropractic patient's perspective


Would you submit (via CONTACT) what you would like your Chiropractor to know? We would like to add several responses, so keep them rolling.

  1. "I have decided to change my chiropractor. At the last consultation he spent so much telling me about his holiday, that I wasn't interested in, and complaining how tired he was and then, before I could say Jack Robinson, I was shooops out the door. He wasn't focused on me and my needs in the slightest."

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