Clarence Gonstead

The first chiropractic Gonstead seminar to be held in Spain will happen in October 2009.

Clarence Gonstead, who is this maestro who left such a mark on the profession?

Every chiropractor can click joints. But to know which joint to adjust, and how to do it, a whole new system is what Clarence Gonstead gave to the profession. Reputed to having the largest hands on the planet! and very thoughtful brain, he gave to Chiropractic what was only thinly understood by many. Even today, many chiropractors have no idea whether to adjust the Occiput or the Atlas; the Ilium or the Sacrum.

Dr Gonstead provided a system, a complete methodical way of managing the ailing spine.

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As country after country adds a chiropractic program to its curriculum, the new Chiropractic College at Real Centro Universitario (RCU) in Spain has invited the Gonstead team to give a seminar in 2009. A first for Spain.


Escorial María Cristina in Spain


October 24-25th, 2009.


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