Introduction to chiropractic

Introduction to chiropractic is the book that's the DC's best friend.

by Dr Louis Sportelli, DC

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Everybody knows what medicine is about; in the main, drugs and surgery, and so each new patient that steps into a chiropractic clinic already knows what medicine can do. And probably what it can’t do, otherwise why would s/he be in your clinic? After all Medicine has been treating him since the day he was born.

But what does s/he know about Chiropractic? Probably very little, and what s/he has heard may well have been warped and biased. But s/he is desperate, ready to try anything, even Chiropractic.

To win such a patient over to Chiropractic’s dream of prevention, of innate health, and an understanding of the potentially devastating effects of subluxations on hyaline cartilage and the nervous system, of not waiting until disease rears its ugly head, and our emphasis on life style and a life without drugs, is going to take a significant amount of patient education. And that takes time, the most precious thing in our lives.

Bring in Dr Sportelli’s Introduction to Chiropractic.

Introduction to chiropractic

Introduction to chiropractic is a comprehensive, easy to read booklet, designed specifically for the new chiropractick patient.

The book Introduction to chiropractic by the author Dr Louis Sportelli.

Dr Sportelli has been in practice for over forty years, no mean achievement. Plus he is a man who has won his stripes. Acknowledged by the whole spectrum of Chiropractic philosophy, he is well position to champion the cause.

Recognising that most new patients are at best confused about what Chiropractic is, and at worst have read a lot of bad press, Introduction to Chiropractic gives the new patient a fifty page summary of what to expect. With chapters like:

  • What is Chiropractic?
  • Facts about the Nervous System.
  • How long will I take to improve?
  • The Acute, Recovery and Rehabilitative stages of Chiropractic care,
  • Keeping your appointments

and much, much more, this booklet gives the new patient a beautiful introduction to chiropractic.

Whilst many of us in practice may resent the time taken to tell patients about chiropractic, those of us who have been around will know: either explain chiropractic to your patient in a comprehensive and easy to understand way, or see half of your new patients fall away.

Sitting down with a new patient for the report of findings, soft-tipped pen in hand to personalise the book for your patient, a quick run through this book emphasising those pages he or she should concentrate on in the first few days of care, will probably be about the best investment of $2.50 that any chiropractor will ever make.

Well done, Dr Sportelli. Great book. It's easy to read, informative, and comprehensive. It would take me two hours to explain to my new patient all you tell about rehab, nutrition, lifestyle, diet etc.

A thought: Personalise Introduction to Chiropractic to your next twenty new patients, and then compare how they perform in comparison to twenty patients who haven’t received the book. I suspect we would find the result mind-blowing. This little booklet explains how Chiropractic care can optimise the body's own inner intelligence and self healing mechanisms in a way that few of us could do, even if we had the desire and the time.

At $ 2.50 per book (for 50 books) this is a bargain.

I just wish it was available in Dutch!

PS. When a book goes into its 12th edition, you know it's got to be a winner.





I have suggested to our students that someone considers a little research project, as mentioned above, where two groups of patients are managed in exactly the usual way, but one group is give a copy of Introduction to Chiropractic at the Report of Findings.

I suspect we have may discover that no where on the planet can we get a better return on $2.50! COLLEGE RESEARCH TOPICS ...

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