Joseph Keating, chiropractic historian, undeniably left an indelible mark on our profession.

Any web page on the history of chiropractic would be incomplete without a word written on Jo. A psychologist by training, Keating has done much to put some semblance of order in the Chiropractic History.

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A controversial man by nature, not necessarily loved by all, Keating has forced Chiropractic to revisit its roots, and examine them rigorously in the light of modern science. Many of the ills of adults can be traced back to childhood according to psychologists, so perhaps it took such a man to see if any of the ills of modern chiropractic could be found in our roots.

Intrinsically there is nothing wrong with the process. Many of medicine’s practices and teachings are founded in false and unsubstantiated beliefs. So it is not inappropriate to critically evaluate our own beliefs, rooting out what is false, without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Remember by many (he lectured in six chiropractic colleges and wrote 500 published articles), Jo Keating left an indelible positive influence on the profession, encouraging each of us to value critically how we think and behave.

Known as the 'conscience of the profession' and a 'burr under the saddle' Keating knew how to criticise the profession in a positive and constructive, professional manner, enabling us to think critically about who we are and what we do.

Joseph Keating.

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