Journey of SCOTT HALDEMAN is a spine Care Specialist and Researcher.

Spine Care Specialist and Researcher

by Dr Reed Phillips

At the funeral of a man in ancient Greece, only one question reputedly was asked: "Did he have passion?" For Scott Haldeman, not content to wait for that day, hopefully at least twenty to thirty years hence, the Chiropractic world is already emphatically shouting,


“Scott Haldeman has done more to break down barriers and create opportunities for the chiropractic profession than any other person in the last score of years in the 20th century.”

Dr. Reed Phillips

The book The journey of Scott Haldeman, by Dr Reed Phillips.

"Read no history: nothing but biography, for that is life without theory.”

Benjamin Disraeli

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Can you spot Dr Josh Haldeman, Scott's father? SOUTH AFRICAN PIONEERS ...

Many great writers, historians and politicians view biographies of prominent people as reflections of history. Ralph Waldo Emerson categorically stated, "There is properly no history; only biography.”

The tumultuous yet successful history of chiropractic research and interdisciplinary cooperation is best reflected in the life story of Scott Haldeman, DC, PhD, MD, through the book The Journey of Scott Haldeman, Spine Care Specialist and Researcher. Written by Reed B. Phillips, DC, MSCM, PhD, the book portrays Dr. Haldeman’s challenges and triumphs growing up in South Africa, training at Palmer College of Chiropractic, and continuing his professional development in South Africa, Canada and Southern California.

The son of a chiropractor and the first recipient of a fellowship through the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER), Dr. Haldeman conducted chiropractic research, authored textbooks, inspired DCs to pursue postgraduate degrees and paved the way for DCs to join interdisciplinary organizations such as the North American Spine Society. At a time when medical journals rejected papers written by doctors of chiropractic, “through Scott's influence, scientific medical journals began to publish articles with chiropractors as authors, first by not listing anybody's degrees, and finally giving full acknowledgment. What should be gained from reading this book is a greater appreciation of the struggle and sacrifice Scott made for chiropractic and how he helped remove professional barriers between chiropractic and medicine,” writes Dr. Phillips.

Dr. Haldeman’s journey was not without obstacles—or adversaries. “Scott Haldeman has had more than his share of struggles and strife, successes and stardom, all the while enduring the complexities of simple survival in a professional world that oftentimes neither encouraged nor embraced him,” writes Louis Sportelli, DC, in the foreword to the book.

"The lust for comfort murders the passions of the soul."

Khalil Gibran

“Some have accused him of being either a fence sitter—not defining himself as either a chiropractor or a medi¬cal doctor—or as a traitor. Never did I find evidence that he was either. He never hid the fact from his medical colleagues that he was a chiropractor and, in time, was respected for his honesty. He never boastfully used his PhD or his MD credentials among his chiropractic colleagues but always presented himself as one of ‘us’—for in his heart and by his lineage and upbringing he truly was,” writes Dr. Phillips.

“I hope that The Journey of Scott Haldeman will be read and appreciated by practitioners and students alike,” says Dr. Sportelli. “The book, written by Reed Phillips, DC, PhD, was indeed a labor of love and a challenge to complete. This book and the accompanying DVD will reveal the depth and professional involvement of Scott Haldeman, but more importantly, it will reveal the human side of a very interesting life journey.”


Every chiropractor knows that we can do things that haven't yet been scientifically validated. Medicine grudgingly admits that we have the best treatment for lower back pain and sciatica but chiropractic can do so much more... but the challenge of the C21 is now to prove it in a scientifically valid manner. Here are a few of my research proposal topics ... RESEARCH PROPOSAL TOPICS

Dr Joseph Janse, DC

also by Dr Reed Phillips ($19.97)


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