October 24-26

Holiday Inn, Charles de Gaulle Airport

KIRO KIDS PARIS airport is the place to be for European chiropractors who treat babies. Babies who have grown up too!

NeuroImpulse Protocol NIP

NIP is the brainchild of Australian chiropractor Dr Neil Davies, author of the popular texbook Chiropractic Pediatrics, A clinical Handbook.

Developed initially for babies with its demand for extreme gentleness and neurological preciseness, NIP has proved to be an accurate and reproducible system of subuxation assessment in adults.

At the heart of the protocol is the need to discover the right location of the primary subluxation.

Map of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Day 1

Introduction to new NIP concepts.

Summary of research.

Subluxation assessment of the upper cervical complex.

Day 2

Upper cervical complex continued.

NIP adjusting of the upper cervical spine.

Subluxation assessment of the lumbar spine and pelvis.

Compensation patterns.


Day 3

Lumbo-pelvic patters of neuropathology.

NIP adjusting techniques of the lumbar spine and pelvis.

NIP adjusting of the lower cervical spine.

Subluxation assessment and adjustment techniques of the thoracic and upper lumbar spine.


Take a break

We chiropractors work extremely hard. Our work is physically, emotionally and mentally demanding, and we owe to ourselves - if we want to avoid the dreaded burnout - to take breaks from the salt mines.

We owe it to our spouses too. They also feel the heat of our frenetic lifestyles, and long absences.

So, take the spouse along to Paris, and see the glamour city of Europe.

A paris palace.
The eiffel tower in paris.

Seminar cost - €490

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