LIFE The Manual

Dr Frank Sovinsky D.C.

The book cover of Life The Manual by Dr Frank Sovinsky.

Subtitled When the pursuit of happiness makes you miserable, Dr Sovinsky's LIFE The Manual gives each of us cause to stop and ponder. What is it all about anyway? Amassing a fortune, losing it several times, paying a mountain of taxes and then dying? Is there more?

Dr Sovinsky's point is that 'it never sticks'. In fact by definition it simply can't. All is vanity. Or is it?

Whilst a deadly serious book, worth $15 without question, it is fundamentally humorous, inviting us to assess ourselves and put something more of substance into our lives.

Dr Sovinsky, a chiropractor, claims that in just fifteen minutes you can lay those barriers and beliefs that are limiting our progress to rest.

He believes that no 'outside force' can keep us down. The things that impede us are within - and this the aim of this book to help you discover them and put them permanently where they belong - firmly behind you with the whole of the past, buried in concrete.

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