Dr Peter C Whybrow

Dr Whybrow is the director of the neuropychiatric instititute at the University of California in Los Angeles. Born in England he trained at the Unversity College Hospital, London.

The book cover of A mood apart by Dr Peter C Whybrow.

"A Mood Apart is a brillian work that speaks in eloquent and human terms about the gravest aspects of mental disorders. Dr Whybrow's books is informative and compassionate and, not the least, thoroughly engrossing. It' is a major contribution to the literature on mental illness."

Willian Stryron

I have to say this is one of the most profound books I have EVER read. It's written for the layperson, taking case histories from his clinic, and using them skillfully to describe what happens between the ears.

It will stretch you, but wow what a powerful book. He is also the author of The Hibernation Response. I must get it!


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