News update, May 2008.

The EUROPEAN CHIROPRACTIC UNION recently ran an extremely successful convention in Brussels for all the chiropractors of Europe. Nearly 500 delegates attended, and last minute hopefuls were turned away. There just wasn't room at the inn!

President of the Union, Dr Philippe Druart, managed to secure the European Parliament's patronage for the ECU 2008 Convention. This gave the ECU the green light to use the EU Parliament logo for its promotional purposes.

Unfortunately Mr. Hans-Gert Pöttering (President of the European Parliament) was unable to attend the opening ceremony of the Convention in Brussels, but he sent a video recording of his speech to be shown to the delegates. In this video the President of the EU Parliament refers very favourably to the Chiropractic Profession. This video may be viewed at the ECU website, found near the top under Downloads

It is indeed heartening to see the way Chiropractic is taking Europe by storm, with recognition at the highest political levels. The ECU, and especially its president Dr Druart, are to be congratulated on this great achievement.

The ripple effect will be felt throughout Europe - when the European Parliament flexes its muscles, all of Europe that is not consistent with the EU policies soon feels the heat!

With Italy now recognised, soon one hopes that Chiropractic will be acknowledged throughout Europe. To celebrate the Italian Chiropractic Union's success, the ECU plans to have next year's convention in Sardinia. Be there!

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