OBESITY and ARTHRITIS have long been known to be associated. Along with aging, obesity causes the cartilage to :

  1. develop roughened surface

  2. become stiff

  3. decreased hydration (dehydration) of the cartilage

  4. decreased anabolic (cartilage forming) activity.
An obese woman with lower back pain.

  • Pain, it's inevitable, here in the Sacro-iliac joints.

  • and in the KNEES.

    Cartoon of a woman with swollen knees.

    Overload stress

    Research from the University of Auckland has confirmed the presence of cilia on the surface of chondrocytes which act as mechanoreceptors by which the cell processes information about local mechanical factors. For example joint fixations, and joint overloading. It is well established that some mechanical loading is essential for maintaining healthy articular cartilage.

    The cells present in cartilage sense and respond to mechanical changes in the joints and regulate the production of the matrix, the structural molecules that give cartilage its resiliency.

    These cilia act as a cellular antenna, sensing changes within cartilage tissue and sending important signals back to the cell.

    Whilst loading of these cilia is important for healthy cartilage formation, overload stress from obesity contributes to the degradation of cartilage as seen in hip, knee and ankle arthritis.

    However, it's not that simple. Of course, you may say! Osteoarthritis occurs also in non weight-bearing joints, like the hands. Deficiency of magnesium for example is THE primary cause of chondrocalcinosis, which affects about 10% of Americans over sixty. One of the reasons why vegan weight loss is so effective is that a change to more salads and vegetables increases the available magnesium in the body.

    Whilst I'm not a vegan, or a vegetarian, there's much to be learned from these folk and there's no reason why you shouldn't pluck a feather or two from their caps!

    Metabolic processes.

    Adipose tissue (fat) is not simply a passive fat storage depository. Fat deposits in the body actually act as endocrine organs, releasing hormones called adipokines. These substances have now been found to be highly active in both inflammatory (like arthritis) disorders.

    They are found in the synovial fluid of the joints of sufferers of both osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, and are circulating in particularly high levels in people who are obese. They trigger cartilage destruction and loss of the cartilage matrix.

    The result? Progressive joint destruction, so evident in the obese.

    Even worse ...

    These hormones released from the adipose tissue seem to initiate other inflammatory and even worse auto-immune diseases, including atherosclerosis, diabetes as well as osteoarthritis. In fact, some researchers are now saying that osteoarthritis is in fact an inflammatory disease, and not just the inevitable wear-and-tear associated with aging.

    On reflection, as stated above, this should come as no surprise. Osteoarthritis does not just occur in the weight bearing joints like the lumbar spine, hips, knees and ankles. It is also found in the hands and AC-joints, for example.


    There is now overwhelming evidence that obese children will have a life long struggle with obesity, and ultimately obesity and arthritis. Allowing your child to become obese should be treated as extreme negligence on the part of parents.


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