Rimini - beach holiday capital of Europe..

Parker Seminars has done it again. This time in Italy's beautiful REMINI, known as the fun, sun and beach holiday capital of the Europe. Well, there are probably another ten cities claiming that title, never mind. A beautiful place to go for a seminar, and how fitting now that Chiropractic has been finally recognised in Europe.

Well served by airports, Remini has a beautiful historical centre known for its Italian boutique shopping and trendy night life.

Apart from the beach, sports lovers can also enjoy the sun on the golf course, or around the pool. Remember your tennis racquet and don't forget your hat. It's mid summer.

The Speakers?

Parker is again laying on a magnificent list of speakers for you. From Fabrizio Mancini himself, to Gilles Lamarche and Terry Yochum, not forgetting the ladies. Liz Anderson-Peacock and Melanie Engel will keep us spell bound with anecdotes from the family practice, and team-building skills, and much much more.

For more information, go to the Italian Chiropractic Association page.

And of course don't leave for home the day the congress ends. There's Rome (my favourite European city), and Florence, and every chiropractor must make a pilgrimage to Pisa!

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