If a picture's worth a thousand words, then Primal Anatomy Pictures is certainly worth a good million!

The limitation of all atlases of human anatomy is that the pictures are two dimensional. But the body of course is three dimensional. It is very difficult for the chiropractor to visualise layer upon layer upon layer.

Of course, having done a course in gross anatomy during which one exhaustively dissected out the human tissues, one HAD, once upon a time, the right perspective. But for many of us that was sometime back in the last millennium!

How often have you, the chiropractor, wished that you had the time and the energy to go back to the anatomy lab, and review the shoulder, the hip, the cervical spine? Assuming that is, that your Alma Mata would make it possible! I have. Many times! I want to see again just how the Supraspinatus tendon finds its way through the scapula to its insertion on the greater tubercle of the Humerus. Or was it the lesser? Hum ... um ...? And how the Vertebral Artery threads its way up the cervical spine making those dangerous Brands Hatch bends around the Atlas! Is it between the axis and the atlas that the danger is? Or the atlas and the occiput? And that PICA artery ...! And the Posterior ponticle, how does that affect the Vertebral artery? And the Piriformis ...

Well, there is another option. For the price of one day in the clinic, Primal Anatomy Pictures will provide you with the most amazing series of 3D computer images that will show the Supraspinatus, and the Vertebral artery, the Piriformis and believe you me, a good deal more!

True, it's not cheap! But then real quality never is, right? And you won't have to travel to your Alma Mata, get your hands covered with formalin, and the smell ... can you still remember it? I can! Sies! Take a good look at Primal Pictures, remembering that the Taxman will refund you half. Your patients won't be sorry as you are able to explain ...

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