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BLEEDERSHIP - by Jim Lange

The cover of the book Bleedership by Jim Lange.

Leadership books that inspire are always difficult to find; authors who are not power or greed oriented like so many of the world's politicians. Thus I was very happy to find this little gem.

Bleedership, Biblical First-Aid for Leaders is a book that tells real stories of leadership from a business perspective. It focuses on what Jim Lange feels are the eight most common leadership pitfalls that we all make at times, contrasting how many 'leaders' and the great characters in the Bible handled similar circumstances.

This book provides a unique perspective to anyone who desires to be a different sort of leader. Bleedership demonstrates the profound difference a godly, sound leader can make in a business, church or home setting, and obviously as a chiropractor too. While the examples are primarily set in a business setting, the overall principles are also very appropriate for chiropractors who desire to be something more to their patients.

Not least, chiropractic will always need leaders who serve their profession with altruistic intent. We still have in some respects a divided profession because of those who cannot see the big picture. Jim Lange addresses these issues head on.

TIP: Seek first to understand, and only then to be understood.

Dr Bernard Preston

Dr Preston DC too writes inspirational books but from the Chiropractic Coalface. His three books trace the life of a chiropractor from graduation to retirement, fun light inspirational books.

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