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Medical Books have an important place in the life of every chiropractor. Despite all the rhetoric, Chiropractic is and will remain complementary, but independent of, mainline Medicine.

From day 1 in Chiropractic College, when every student went out and bought thousands of dollars of books, many medical, this is acknowledged.

Some remain standard texts on the chiropractor's shelf, but to be honest many of the most relevant books are now being written by Chiropractors and (God forbid, some would say) Physical Therapists.

Chiropractors are invited to submit their favourite medical and chiropractic texts for inclusion. The book you most often REACH FOR.

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  • TRICK OR TREATMENT Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst
  • In a hard hitting book aimed in part at the Chiropractic profession, Singh and Ernst use underhand and grossly unfair tactics of innuendo, surmise, deliberate omission, anecdotes... nevertheless a book that every chiropractor should read.

    A rebuttal by Dr Bernard Preston BSc, UED, BEd, DC to TRICK OR TREATMENT ...

    Trick or treatment by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst.

  • The H FACTORDr Braly and Holford
  • Homocysteine is now believed to be a more important predictor of longevity and a low incidence of heart, cardiovascular and many other diseases than cholesterol levels and even blood pressure... The H Factor ...

  • Chiropractors will enjoy having a general practice book on their shelves by a Medical doctor who is pro-Chiropractic. MURTAGHS GENERAL PRACTICE ...

  • The whole-body approach to OSTEOPOROSIS
  • DR R. Keith McCormick DC

    The whole-body approach to Osteoporosis by DR R. Keith McCormick DC.

    A proactive, preventative approach to bone loss. A very welcome book from a chiropractor on a very pertinent subject: Osteoporosis McCormick ...

  • MAGEE Orthopedic Physical Assessment
  • Professor David Magee

    For more about this excellent Orthopedic text. MAGEE ORTHOPEDIC PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT ... DUAL ANTIINFLAMMATORY DRUGs use

  • CLINICAL NEUROANATOMY made ridiculously simple
  • Stephen Goldberg, M.D.

    For more about this 100 page gem, click here. CLINICAL NEUROANATOMY MADE RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE ...

  • DAVIDSONs Pinciples and Practice of Medicine
  • Chiropractor Norman Marzalek's most used medical text: DAVIDSONS PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE ...

  • Travell and Simons

    A masterpiece, most thumbed medical text by many chiropractors. TRAVELL AND SIMONS ..

  • Dr Kirkaldy-Wallis

    To read more about this book. MANAGING LOWER BACK PAIN ...

  • To find out more about The Merck Manual ...

  • Professor Susan Herdman, Division of Physical Therapy, Emory University.

    Dizziness is a condition, sometimes severe, that faces the chiropractor on a daily basis. I wouldn't be without this book. CAUSES OF DIZZINESS ...


  • Chiropractic's biggest beef with Medicine: Nine pain pill mistakes ...

  • Toning Abdominal Muscles ...