Pain all over!!!

by Ann
(Toccoa, Ga)

Hi, all

I'm new to all this but need some advice if you are able? Had muscle stiffness in my neck & back. Decided to go to a Chiro on Monday, and saw said Chiro. He asked me the usual question, then had my stand and looked at me. He then did an adjustment and took x-rays of my head and neck and sent me home. Felt awesome. Went to the store next door and was in pain when I got out. Pain continued, headaches, neck pain, stiffness.

Next day Tuesday had an appt. Told him that I was in pain and what was going on, was told that was normal and he did an adjustment and I felt good. By that night pain worse... Etc...

Next appt. Friday am. Was barely able to walk and the pain was bad. EXPLAINED this to Chiro... Was told us all bs ... He did an adjustment again, the pain didn't stop... I could barely walk out of the office... Got home iced down back... Pains worse... Was so bad, couldn't sit, stand ,my neck & back were stiff and my lower back, hips, legs, calls, arms, legs, have pain. Spasms in legs, arms, & numbness & tingling in fingers. Shooting pain in hips and down legs, elbows hurt.. Nausea, dizziness,. Scared .... Have an adjustment Monday ... This can't be normal.. I'm not on any pain med's, muscle relaxers nothing. I do have, severe PTSD, MDD, ADHD, GAD, severe OCD, Panic Attacks, Agrophobia as well...

I also have IBS, Diverticulosis ... Among other thing!!! I did have an adjustment about 10 years ago and he said my hips were twisted and tilted. But I never went back... He said I had demons inside me!!! Soooo... Here I am asking for your advice...

Dear Ann,
I'm not sure how I missed your letter, it's two years, and perhaps I didn't but refused to answer because of all the grammatical corrections I have had to make, but your cry for help is indeed worthy of a reply. I'm sorry.

It's time to stop, and take a deep breath, and ask yourself where you
want to be in say five years, and what changes there are that only you can ring in to get you there.

When you have this many things going wrong in your life, it's means that some of the basics of a healthy, normal life are seriously amiss. I don't know what they are, but here are a few thoughts.

1. The tum troubles tell me that your diet is up the pole, if that's wrong it undermines everything. It means generalised inflammation in the body, a serious shortage of the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that we all need to function.

To turn your diet around is actually not as difficult as it might sound. If I may have the temerity to suggest a few things; get back to fruit and veg and a green salad every day, sprinkled not with a supermarket dressing but olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Secondly, get off all refined starch; that's not easy, but perhaps make a start with stuff, I won't call if food, that's loaded with sugar and white flour.

2. Start taking a walk every single day. I'll leave it you to decide how long; half an hour if you can manage it, but ten minutes wouldn't be a bad start. Every single day.

3. We all have our demons. Face yours squarely in the face. If there's a spiritual inner part of you that's being neglected, then that too will impact on your whole life. I'm a Christian myself, so my suggestion would be to spend ten minutes EVERY DAY in quietness with God. Read a passage of scripture, the gospel of Mark, or a psalm perhaps, and say the Lord's prayer, slowly and thoughtfully.

You had a bad start with your chiropractor and it sounds like he was amiss, but perhaps in part it was because of all the other stuff going on your life. Start doing a few simple back exercises every morning before getting out of bed.

Good luck, and God bless, and I hope in some small measure this helps; I'm sorry it's two years late, and perhaps there's a reason for that.

Dr B

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