Pain and bruising on right side of sternum and right breast now has pain

(Charlotte, NC)

Started with my chiropractor and after the second visit I started having the pain. They used an instrument to try and push my rib down at the sternum and put so much force and pressure that I was bruised for 4 weeks. It has now been 8 weeks and the pain is worse as a stinging stabbing burning pain. They decided to stop adjustments in the thoracic area for a little while but this was caused by their work.

I have since gone to get a thermography of my breasts and it shows +4 and 5 for heat, inflammation or possible high risk cancer. I had just had a mammogram 6 months prior to the chiropractic work and it was clear and I have never had a positive mammogram report before. I am 65 yrs old and have always taken care of myself and was just trying to do something healthy and now I am in constant pain.

My chiropractor acts very arrogant and nonchalant about the whole deal.
Any suggestions.

Dear Charlotte,
I apologise for not noticing this sooner.

I presume you have voted with your feet and gone elsewhere; any doctor who is arrogant and nonchalant, particularly when there is a suggestion of iatrogenic illness.

It's something every chiropractor should have learnt; heavy manipulation in the midback, or over the costo-sternal joints can provoke chest pain of the type you describe. Frankly, there aren't many of us who haven't caused it; what worries me is that man is disinterested; he hasn't learnt and will cause it again on another person.

This certainly won't cause breast cancer; completely unrelated.

Run your fingers down the chest, just to the side of sternum. Are any of the joints particular painful, and is there a lump forming?

An icecube rubbed every day over the area, directly on the skin in the shower or bath might help; alternate hot and cold.

Then taking some oil, with the rib between your index and middle finger massage gently away from the sternum, towards and under the breast. Continue then beyond the breast tissue under the armpit as far around towards your back as you can reach.

I hope you aren't still suffering.

Dr B

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