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ESSENTIALS OF SKELETAL-RADIOLOGY is today the pre-eminent radiological text.

Nearly thirty years ago, the vice president of Williams & Wilkins, medical publishers, approached chiropractor Dr Terry Yochum with a view to writing the first scholarly text on chiropractic. She decided that purely as a business venture, there were enough chiropractors in the field who might make the venture a success.

Up until that time there were no chiropractic texts published by a medical publishing house. It was indeed a ground-breaking venture that, had it flopped, could have cost the publisher her job.

It took W&W two years to consider and eventually accept Dr Yochum’s first rough draft, just a ‘table of contents’ and a few sample chapters. Normally the process would have taken no more than three months. They were jittery.

Joined by Australian Dr Lindsay Rowe, they took five long years to write the first draft. The first edition appeared in 1987, and all 5 000 copies were sold in three weeks, a record which has never been broken.

The first and second editions together have sold an unbelievable 75 000 copies. Said the publishers: “If we had sold the first 5 000 copies in seven years, we would have considered it a huge success.”

(Sigh, if only I had bought shares in Williams and Wilkins that year!)

Now Yochum and Rowe, as it is fondly known, is in its third edition. It is used in over 100 medical schools. Need anything more be said?

The book cover of Skeletal radiology by Dr Lindsay Rowe and Dr Terry Yochum.

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