Whiplash Symptoms

Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries

by Dr L Nordhoff

Keywords; whiplash symptoms.

Dr Nordhoff is no ordinary chiropractor spuriously making claims to write about spinal injuries from accidents.

His medical background began in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman; no that is no misprint, there is no e. During those years he worked as an ambulance driver and in the emergency rooms. Training first as a nurse, he worked in ICU, specialising in neurology and orthopaedics for thirteen years.

Always an enquirer, he wanted to understand more, and so took a degree in kinesiology. Realising he could himself do much more for sufferers, he then trained as a chiropractor, and has been in practice for over twenty years.

The motion of the head during a whiplash incident.


Why would a layperson buy this book? It is legend that patients who are suffering whiplash symptoms are ignored as their symptoms are not understood by the community. Depression and self doubt often ensue. Want to know for yourself what it's about? This is the book.

But recognise it is a profound text, written by an academic. You will often find yourself out of your depth, but no matter; read on, skipping the text where you have no clue. Overall, this is a wonderful book for both laity and professionals. 

Is this a book for the professional, too? Well, the reasons are obvious. Both medical and chiropractic training in whiplash is at best shallow, if not downright non existent. Whiplash cannot be adequately described in terms of fracture, sprain-strain or subluxation. It is a profound shock to the nervous system, that most sensitive part of the body.

With new neurological research proving how nociceptors in damaged tissue send showers of impulses into the spinal dorsal horn, and thus to the autonomic system, it is no wonder that whiplash sufferers suffer many misunderstood whiplash symptoms such as hyperventilation.

Nociceptors are found in the skin, in skin, joint capsules, ligaments, bone, muscles, tendons, fascia, the dura mater, epidural tissue - all can be profoundly affected in a multitude of differing ways by whiplash. No wonder the physician, chiropractor or medical, is faced with a bewildering array of symptoms and signs. Added to which, the severe complication, now proved, that irritated nociceptors can fire vigorously, WITHOUT PAIN, producing instead a multitude of supposedly unconnected autonomic responses.

The book is ably contributed to by a no fewer than 18 specialists in the field; orthopaedists, neurologists, radiologists, chiropractors, attorneys. It's an opportunity to share in the thinking of a gifted mind.

Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries by Dr L Nordhoff

Interesting chapters include:

  • Rear-end collisions: Biomechanics and Injuries.
  • Going to court?
  • Evidence basis for Chiropractic Treatment,and much, much more.

Every chiropractor is faced with whiplash cases on a daily basis. If not straight from the accident, then for the next fifty years of the patient's life, when the ongoing, under-estimated effects of whiplash continue to govern many people's lives.

Should you wear a seat-belt? Should you tense your muscles, or just relax completely? How long will it take to heal? Dr Nordhoff has all the answers, research not opinion based.

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Whiplash Chiropractic

A great mystery has only recently been explained. Why is that the victims of whiplash often have relatively minor symptoms for a week or two, yet within ten years X-rays of their necks reveal advanced osteoarthritis? Read more about IMMOBILISATION ARTHRITIS.

WHIPLASH Cervical Artery dissection

The incidence of dissection of either the carotid or vertebral arteries rises an alarming 400 x during the twelve months after a whiplash injury.

Physical Therapists providing a Chiropractic adjustment?

Many insurance companies now only pay for physical therapists to provide a chiropractic adjustment; that's in the face of powerful research proving that inclusion of DCs to perform their own technique would save them a good deal of money. One has to conclude that political medicine has gone off on another tack to contain our profession.

It's being successful with some doctors of chiropractic quitting. Others become involved in some dodgy practices, like demanding that patients sign up for a whole year of treatment in advance, in order to stay in business.

In recessionary times, the going is tough when the insurance won't pay.

Is the day approaching for a new Wilk versus the AMA and the insurance companies?

The chiropractic profession has tried hard to stay on the moral high ground; those who stoop to unscrupulous practices need to be exposed and disciplined if we are not to stoop to the low blows that medicine has often resorted to contain and eliminate us.

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